Real time production line monitoring system

Production monitoring hardware and software monthly subscriptions starting from just 99€/month per sensor.

We offer affordable, easy adaptable in most production lines and machines monitoring system for small to large manufacturers.

You can choose monthly or annual subscription or alternatively buy monitoring module with initial set up and training.

How long does system implementation take?

Promonitor production machine data monitoring system can be set in 1 day, you can start monitoring your production machines immediately.

Expert support and training

Our consultants bring deep industry and technical knowledge based on years of experience helping companies in different industries. We offer on-going post installation support and consulting tailored to your unique needs.

Why Promonitor?

We focus on what matters to you. We use methodologies and practices such as TOC, LEAN, 6 Sigma and have a track record implementing production monitoring and optimization solutions across various indrustries in Eastern Europe countries helping improve their operational processes.

We know how to increase productivity. Promonitor production data collecting system and analytics provides you better understanding about key performance indicators for manufacturing efficiency optimization, maximizing utilization of your existing resources.

Get a clear view on manufacturing processes, access real time production status and reports of any machine in your factory from anywhere.

If you are interested in our product please feel free to contact our sales team.

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