Promonitor – real time production monitoring system customized to your needs

As a manufacturer, you understand that data analysis is a major component for efficient production. We offer low cost, easy adaptable solution to enhance productivity in your factory no matter it’s size. With Promonitor production monitoring hardware and software you get the most out of your production machines.

Promontor machine tracking device records signals (units, speed, downtime, error, etc.) at the production line and shows  production status real-time in monitor at production line. Data is stored securely in cloud, you can access it from your PC, tablet or smart phone.

  • 1 module for up to 10 sensors
  • Fast implementation in 1 day
  • Compatible with almost any production line, machine type or age
  • Cloud based solution. Data is stored securely in remote cloud
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Easy to use browser based reporting interface

Expert support

Promonitor offers a strategic approach and customized service package based on your specific needs and budget. We provide proffesional expertise and ongoing consulting after monitoring system implementation to make sure your manufacturing processes improve.

Get in touch with our sales team lo learn more how Promonitor system can improve your production line performance.